Letter Form The Founder

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MediaGard is not a conventional online marketing agency.

We understand how challenging and complex it is to run your own online advertising.

We know how time consuming it is to set-up campaigns and to build a knowledgeable team of experts in-house.

As a company run by ex-Googlers and experts from across the industry, we possess a wealth of online marketing know-how that is unmatched. We run your Google campaigns for you.

We possess substantial technical expertise with a creative emphasise and market insight. We leverage statistical analytics and machine learning to understand past trends and to predict future effects of online marketing campaigns and sales.

We are a global company. Our clients and staff are located in all major markets around the world and therefore possess detailed insights of various markets.

Our clients are our as business partners. This means that we are an extension of our clients to implement compelling marketing strategies to grow our clients’ businesses in the long-term.

Creating value for our clients is our mission. We are transparent, execution focused, data driven and treat others with respect.

Joe Ferdinand

Founder & CEO, MediaGard